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Trammell Industries Incorporated, (Ti) was established as the central core of our Organization, functioning as the Administrative, Operations and Financial management over our various companies and divisions.

Trammell Development is the Construction Administration for Ti's own projects and Ti's contracted Clients.  Ti is partnered with a Construction Management Company that takes construction projects from the Architecture/Engineered concept drawings through the General Contractor's turnkey process.


Ti is arranging construction project funding loans in domestic and international regions for viable projects.  See Trammell Capital Resources for more details.


Trammell Capital Resources is structured to arrange project funding loans for various industries.  Loans ranging from $25M - $1B with favorable rates and terms through our New York Lending Network.


Trammell Capital Resources consist of a strong group of executives with years of knowledge and experience working with Fortune 500 organizations and Commercial Developers in the fields of Finance, Commercial and Real Estate Funding, Real Estate Contract Law, Funding and Escrow Procedures, Sales, Manufacturing, Construction, Steel, Import/Exports, and Commodities both domestically and global.


Trammell Capital Resources handles your project funding the way you would want it to be done.  We leave no Client behind!  Our Professionals guide you throughout the process, from first contact through the Closing Date and even the Construction turnkey!


Trammell International has created new concepts to streamline the process for domestic and international clients in selecting, ordering, paying and receiving their container load products. 


Plans are being discussed in developing a virtual trading floor to provide buyers and sellers a platform representing commodities, food & beverage, construction-building materials, manufactured goods & general merchandise for wholesale and retail clients.


Trammell Development and Trammell Capital Resources has provided synergy with Trammell International making available it's resources to their clients.


View our product lists at Trammell International, request a quote for full container orders, we handle all freight from the manufacturer/warehouse to your location(s).

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